Xbox mini fridge: review and test 2024

With the Xbox mini fridge, US computer and microcomputer multinational Microsoft has revolutionised the fridge industry. It’s a sleek, contemporary and useful device in which you can store all your drinks and snacks.

And to think it all started as a joke before it became a reality! Demand was so high when it went on sale that stocks quickly sold out. I’ll leave you to read this article to find out everything you need to know about this portable mini fridge.

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What can we say about the Xbox brand ?

The Xbox video game brand was developed by Microsoft. The brand is best known for promoting a range of home video game consoles, including the Xbox 360, Xbox One and Xbox series. Through the Xbox Live service, it also offers streaming services and dedicated apps.

How it all began

The rectangular shape of the Xbox X series led netizens to immediately compare the console to a refrigerator when it was unveiled to the public. Capitalising on this virality, Microsoft designed a life-size Xbox X Series fridge for Snoop Dogg. Then Xbox’s Aaron Greenberg chimed in, saying that if Xbox won a Twitter contest against Skittles, the candy company, Microsoft would start producing mini-refrigerators.

The xbox mini fridge combines design and affordability

The company received 50.5% of the vote, and it was during the Xbox and Bethesda conference that Microsoft publicly announced that this tiny Xbox fridge would be manufactured. The mini fridge Xbox is the result of a collaboration with Las Vegas-based manufacturing company Ukonic.

It’s always nice to be able to collect items related to your favourite video game, isn’t it? Unfortunately, if you’re a fan of Red Bull energy drink, you won’t be able to buy a Red Bull mini-fridge without a collaboration with the company. As a result, you’ll need to buy Red Bull stickers to personalise your new mini fridge.

How the Xbox fridge works

The cooling method used by the Xbox Mini Fridge is thermoelectric, via a fan, rather than the refrigerant that traditional fridges typically use.

The fan continuously draws warm air out of the mini fridge to maintain the low internal temperature through thermoelectric cooling. It takes about two hours for the Xbox Series X mini-fridge to reach 32°F after plugging it in.

What are its features?

The Xbox mini fridge features the Xbox logo engraved on the matte black door, echoing the iconic style of the new Xbox consoles. External dimensions are 18″ x 9″ x 9″ and internal dimensions are 13.2″ x 6.8″ x 6.8″.

One of the main features of the Xbox mini fridge is the front of the device, which also features a USB port for charging small devices such as tablets, smartphones and other devices, as long as the fridge is switched on.

The xbox mini fridge: practical and efficient

Microsoft has thought of everything, including a power adapter that can be plugged into a 12V DC socket in the car or an AC wall outlet. You can also buy a replacement Xbox fan if the one that came with the unit starts to fail over time.

The interior of the mini fridge is divided into three different sections by two dividers, with the top section being the smallest. The Xbox mini fridge has a capacity of 10 litres and can be used at home or in the car.

I find it has many similarities with the Coke mini fridge, which adopts the design of a Coca-Cola can, works on the same principle, i.e. thermoelectric cooling, and is equipped with cables for both indoor and outdoor use.

What are the advantages of the Xbox mini fridge?

The advantages of the Xbox mini fridge are numerous. Here’s a quick summary:

This small fridge doesn’t take up much space and can be placed anywhere you like, in the bedroom or in the car if you’re going on holiday. Because of its size, it’s lightweight and can be moved from place to place.

It also supports external speakers for listening to music when you’re relaxing in a room. It works both as a device to keep drinks cold and as a source of energy.

This model of fridge will hold at least 12 cans of soft drinks and you can simply remove the dividers if you want to fit something bigger, such as a bottle of wine. There are also shelves in the door where you can store small collections such as sweets and chocolates.

mini xbox fridge: small but mighty

What are its weaknesses ?

While it has its advantages, the Xbox X Series mini fridge has a few disadvantages that are worth noting. Firstly, it is not suitable for storing perishable foodstuffs, which are at risk of rotting if the temperature inside is not properly regulated.

When the fan is on maximum, it emits a considerable noise which can be unpleasant. In addition, the mini fridge does not light up when it is open. Finally, it is important to note that it is necessary to pick up the Xbox series X mini fridge from a shop, otherwise you risk incurring costly shipping charges.

How to use the X box fridge correctly ?

Here are a few tips on how to get the most out of this gamer fridge:

To avoid risks, I recommend that you start by reading the instructions for use of any appliance. The X box series X mini fridge is not designed for continuous use, so the instructions state that it should be turned off from time to time.

The Xbox mini fridge has a switch on the back that allows you to turn the appliance on and choose between Eco and Max modes. With Max mode, the temperature can vary between 0 and 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Switching to Eco mode may result in a longer cooling process, but it will definitely save you money on your electricity bill.

You should definitely choose this option to reduce the fan speed if you need to keep the Xbox Series X mini fridge plugged in overnight to avoid being disturbed while you sleep. Furthermore, this is clearly stated in Ukonic’s official FAQ, available via the QR code on the packaging.

There are two buttons to control the LED lighting. One activates the white Xbox logo, while the other dims the green ambient light produced by the grille at the top of the Xbox model.

small xbox fridge

How much does an Xbox Series X mini fridge cost?

The X box Series X mini fridge is available now for the bargain price of £99.99. Compared to the console it takes as its model, the little fridge has a few more restrictions on where it can be purchased. The fridge will be available from GameStop EU, Micromania or Toynk via Amazon and eBay in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Ireland, the Netherlands and Poland.

Overall opinion

After testing it, I realised that the Xbox mini fridge keeps products cold well despite its small size. I really like its unique and creative design. It is ideal for those who tend to get their hands greasy while eating chips, pizza or chicken while playing video games.

The black colour prevents dirt from being clearly visible. This collector’s item allows you to create an essential yet elegant ambience in any room. Last but not least, the price is right.

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As you can see, the Xbox Series X mini fridge has a lot to offer. It’s true that this gadget has been influenced by the Xbox console, but it’s not just for gamers. It’s for anyone who wants to have cold drinks anytime, anywhere. What’s more, it’s very easy to use.

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