About me

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Hello, I’m Prosper!

I have been an enthusiastic interior designer and decorator since my youth and have developed a passion for branded refrigerators that are as practical as they are decorative!

Why this passion, you ask?

Besides being a video gamer and wanting to impress my friends, I think the mini fridge has a certain class.

Practically, it can fit anywhere: the office, the bedroom, the playroom, the beauty salon…. It’s really good when space is limited in small rooms.

Aesthetically, it adds a touch of design everywhere.

In a variety of colours and styles, from modern to vintage, there is something for everyone.

I’ve decided to focus on the best brands of mini fridges to ensure you get the best selection. Sure, sometimes you can find mini fridges at cheaper prices, but I’ve found that they don’t have the same durability or efficiency as branded fridges. Not to mention the look!

Coca Cola, Red Bull, XBox, Monster and Smeg are just some of the best mini fridge brands that I will discuss in detail in the various articles dedicated to them.

Are you a gamer? Invest in the best ally for your games (along with a chair and mouse, of course)

Are you a hard worker? You can spend a whole day without leaving your desk! Your mini-fridge will keep your lunch and drinks fresh.

Are you a beautician or hairdresser? Keep all your cosmetics cool in your mini fridge.

You’re going camping? There’s nothing better than a mini-fridge for your caravan or motorhome!

Whenever you’re going camping, keep all your cosmetics cool in your mini-fridge.

Whatever your situation, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for in a branded mini fridge.

In this blog, I share my top tips for buying your mini fridge safely, so don’t hesitate to contact me if you need any further help!

Enjoy your reading 😉

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